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GENERATOR WORKS H3 was established just over 10 years ago. The business has grown tremendously due to practical expertise in the GENERATOR industry. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as market leaders in our field with a reputation of supplying our clients with the best SERVICE and quality GENERATORS.


GENERATOR WORKS H3 is a full supplier of all brands of GENERATORS such as Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, John Deere etc.


Our alternators are of top-quality brands such as Crompton Greaves, Engga, Weg, Stampford, Sincro as well as other leading brands. Our panels are built by leading panel builders who are Qualified Electrical Engineers.


With quality being the corner stone of our business at GENERATOR WORKS H3you will be sure of being more than just the client, you'll be part of the family! GENERATOR WORKS H3 provides peace of mind to all our clients new and current.


GENERATOR WORKS H3 is based in South Africa but we service the whole of Africa. There are numerous sets, supplied by GENERATOR WORKS H3 in operation in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia, supplying power to lodges, factories, restaurants, service stations, construction companies, hospitals and private residences.


As a top supplier of quality branded generators and number one for service, the choice is obvious, GENERATOR WORKS H3 is the only company for your generator needs.


More Information


At GENERATOR WORKS H3 we supply quality branded generators for sale to all industries that requirepower solutions. Our services include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Diesel Generators Sales
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Generator Installation
  • Ventilation Ducting Installation
  • Underground Diesel Tanks
  • All Types of Generators (Industrial and Domestic)
  • All Relevant Generator Products (AVR, Solenoids, Engine Management, etc.)



  • Site inspection by a qualified and experienced electrician to ascertain the client's needs in
  • terms of the generator size required.
  • Electrical connection and commissioning of the generator by a qualified and experienced
  • electrician.
  • Full ventilation solution installed by qualified personnel.
  • Custom build trailers for mobile Back Up Generators
  • Service and maintenance contracts to meet the client's individual needs. Qualified personnel
  • supplied.
  • Delivery to and positioning of generator sets on site.


  • Electrical motor loads are an important part of any installation such as a factory, a garage, a supermarket or restaurant with refrigerators and exhaust fans, it is absolutely essential that a proper professional assessment be done by a knowledgeable electrician.


  • Electrical motors draw may time the rated running current (amps) to start up. Single phase 230V motors can draw up to seven times more that the running current just to start.


  • Three phase 380V motors also draw substantially more than their rated running current to start up; the situation also changes in requirement from direct on line starting too automatic star/delta installations. Motor starting currents are sometimes severe and as a result are critical on electrical motor-driven borehole pumps. The same applies to motors on com pressors etc.



Generator Range:

  • FAW DE 10 -165 KVA Standby
  • Lovol 30 - 165 KVA Standby
  • Baudouin 50 - 165 KVA Standby
  • Styer 200 - 325 KVA Standby
  • Volvo 75 - 700 KVA Standby
  • John Deere 50 - 450 KVA Standby
  • Cummins 100 - 500 KVA Standby
  • Perkins 15 - 1500 KVA Standby



A generator installation must only be carried out by a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Essential criteria for successful installations include:

  • Necessary ventilation
  • Electrical connections to be carried out by a qualified experienced electrician
  • Phase balancing is important on a 3 phase unit, as unbalanced phases can cause damage to the Generator.
  • The set must be properly earthed
  • The unit must be tested on load to ascertain that the set is of sufficient size to take full load.
  • It is important to use the correct, suitably sized cables between the Generator and the main distribution board. Cables that are too light are dangerous and will cause damage.



All PTO Generators is mounted on a 3-point lifting frame and comes complete with gear box with a Ratio of 3,49: 1 that helps with the low revs on the tractor, the tractor will run at about 430 rpm.

The Metering panel comes with 3 x Amp meters, 1 x Volt meter with selector switch to check Voltage between 3 and Single phase as well as a Frequency meter to make sure you get the alternator turning at the right speed, and a Circuit Breaker.

The panel is mounted on top of the alternator. The alternator that is used is a Lintz, it is top quality and is manufactured in Italy.

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Physical Address
16 Range View Road
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PO Box 7730
Bonearo Park
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Monday: 7:30-16:30
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Thursday: 7:30-16:30
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Saturday: Closed

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