Introlab Chemicals

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Introlab is a South African based, biostimulant and specialty crop solution manufacturer and distributor. Introlab strives to provide well-researched, innovative crop solutions to both national and international markets.


Introlab has achieved consistent growth from day one by focusing and investing in the development of world class products and formulations by implementing the latest technology, backed up by professional technical service.


Introlab is commited to adapt to the ever-changing environment and needs of its clients, with the aim to increase quantity and quality of agricultural crops, while enhancing productivity and reducing the environmental impact.


Introlab provide a “lab-to-land” crop solution that will outperform the norm. 



Introlab supply a diverse and complete range of world class products, including; Biostimulants, Seed treatments, Fungicides, Crop nutrition solutions that consist of: Deficiency correctors, Crop stage specific Gel nutrition, Hydroponic water soluble nutrition, Soil conditioners, Specialty water soluble nutrition, Specialty liquid nutrients, Suspension concentrate liquid nutrition, Organically certified products,  Straigh water soluble fertilsers and Synthetic chelates.



Introlab implements the latest formulation technology and equipment with production expertise, ensuring technologically advanced formulation suitable for modern agriculture. We are the leaders in Enzymatic hydrolysis of plant protein. All products are manufactured in accordance with International quality and safety standards. Our products are being exported to more than 15 countries under both Introlab trade names and private label toll formulations.



Our services include, Professional Technical and product support on ground level, complete crop nutrition programmes and solutions, in-house formulation development laboratory, toll manufacturing, warehousing and logistics. 

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