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ITHUBA ASSET PROTECTION SYSTEMS is born from a company that believes in giving people chances and opportunities at showing their potential.

We provide security devices and systems for every situation in the home, business, CIT vehicles, banking sector and even for outdoor storage. 

We commit to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our success will be the result of building relationships based upon trust, transparency and integrity.

We endeavour to continue looking for new and upcoming protection systems that will ensure that you stay abreast of security threats in your businesses and homes.

More Information
  • Cratos Lock is a lock that incorporates a choice of either  military grade smoke signals or the latest technology in “FOG” in conjuction with specially designed dual access locks (Utilisng RF technology) and a G5 Canon simulator.  It also comes with an option of a loud alarm siren and industrial strength pepper spray to offer a complete all in one deterrent system like none other.
    It has a purpose built SMS module to immediately notify the customer of any breach in security as well as controlling the activation sequence FOG CANON is a security device that discharges harmless fog to stop Robbery, Burglary or Vandalism in seconds by killing the visibility of the target.
    ​Manufactured in Denmark, Ithuba is the Proud Distributor of this device on behalf of Protect SA.


  • Tamper Evident Bags are used mainly for the cash intransit, lab samples and confidential documents.  We have introduced personalised Tamper Evident Bags for clients wanting to stand out from the rest. 


  • Mobile Cash Management Devices used in the CIT industries are part of our product range that we distribute on behalf of our strategic business partner who is one of the leading manufacuters in South Africa.
    We are also distributing cash management devices or safes for enhanced security on cash counting and banking for the customers handling large amounts of cash, namely Retailers and Wholesalers.


  • Survellance Cameras and Alarm Systems are also linked to most of our distributed devices and as such, also fall under our product range.


To give you peace of mind at home and work, Ithuba Asset Protection Systems are designed specifically to ensure that you have control over your security.

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Unit 17
Hughes Industrial Park
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Postnet Suite 47
Private Bag X1
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Saturday: Closed

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