Johnson Soil Augers

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History on Soil Augers

The 100mm bucket auger has been found to be the most effective, it penetrates all soil types easier than the 75mm and produces larger clods to examine, for example tp assess permeability and structure.

The shaft should be marked off in convenient depths (commonly 30 – 60 – 90 mm from the bottom of the bottom of the auger bit). Finally, the 70cm handle has obvious advanages in leverage when conditions are difficult.



Best Selling Soil Augers

The Auger has been found to be an effective and economical alternative to the digging of profile pits in order to examine and describe soil profiles as part of any soil mapping exercise.

Use Johnson’s Soil Augers:

  • For Effective soil sampling
  • Soil Classification
  • Profile Inspection
  • Post-hole digging
  • Water Table Studies
  • Soil Mositure Determination
  • Many Other Uses


  • Can be operated by one person
  • Are Ideal quick and easy drilling over 5 metres
  • Have a range tools and bits for different applications
  • Are highly effective
  • Are Hard wearing
  • Are long lasting


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