Kalkor (Pty) Ltd

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Kalkor was registered in 1998 and acquired in 2001 by current owner, David Serfontein.  The company has been involved in the Agricultural industry since 1964 and played a role in the founding of Sasol Fertilizer.

Kalkor is an advocate of quality and integrity in the market and is therefore a member of the Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa (FERTASA), which is subject to a strict code of conduct.

Kalkor has expert dedicated staff who are responsible for the appropriate recommendations of lime and gypsum suitable for crop plantings.

In 2012 Kalkor took a major step in forming a partnership with another major player in the market, H Pistorius & Co, to become involved in the production and processing of Lime and Gypsum across Southern Africa to the Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

Through the partnership we have committed to engage in research in order to make a contribution to the improvement and advancement of the agricultural sector in Southern Africa.

Kalkor's vision is to leave a legacy of quality and service to the Agriculture sector in Southern Africa.


Kalkor is a dominant player in the supply of Lime and Gypsum in the Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

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