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KRM Plastics
Company Information

We at KRM PLASTICS take pride in our products and offer more than 20 years’ experience in the roto-moulding industry. All our moulds are constructed from steel and are designed for superior and efficient moulding.

The RIGHT tank for YOUR need.

KRM PLASTICS has the expertise to design and develop moulds that will exceed your expectations. We design and manufacture all our moulds on our premises to ensure our high-quality control standards are maintained throughout the process. We also have the capacity to manufacture on-hand, specialised products as requested by our customers and we add value by advising which chemicals can be safely stored in our polyethylene tanks.

More Information

We use a linear, low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) polymer which is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. It is an extremely tough, durable, and light weight thermoplastic material and if damaged, is repairable using a heat welding process. Our ultra-violet stabiliser is pre-compounded to provide long-term resistance and stability in harsh conditions.

NO chemical reactions take place during our manufacturing process, thereby ensuring there are NO harmful chemical residues or by-products in KRM PLASTICS’ rotational tanks that could contaminate your precious water supply.

Products & Services

More than 20 year’s experience in the ROTO MOULDING Industry!

  • All moulds are fabricated using aluminium or steel and are designed for superior and efficient moulding.
  • The moulds are built on our premises
  • High quality control on all our products
  • Expertise design’s & development to meet our clients needs
  • All tanks are safe to use for hydroponic solutions as tanks are made from food grade material
  • Structural tanks ranging from 500ℓ up to 20 000ℓ
  • Eight year guarantee all vertical water and chemical tanks.

All KRM rotational tanks are manufactured using a food-grade material rendering them completely safe for hydroponic solutions.

  • Manufactured in any colour using the Pantone colour chart.
  • Wall thickness can be adapted to the weight of the contents with a carrying capacity of up to 1.8 SG (Specific Gravity) ie: contents can weigh up to a maximum of 80% more than water.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and compatibility.
  • Rustproof, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.
  • UV-stabilised meaning no algae growth.
  • Steam-cleanable.



Installation Instructions

Our standard tank fittings are 40 or 50mm and placed on one side, making installation neat and professional. However, the outlet can be positioned anywhere on the tank to suit your need.

  • The tank must be installed on level, solid surfaces.
  • No part of the tank must protrude off the installation surface.
  • Use tension-free connections.
  • The openings between the beams of the installation surface must not exceed 100mm.
  • Anchor cables should not be over-tensioned.
  • The inlet rate of the tank should not exceed the outlet rate.
  • Vertical tanks, once filled, should not be moved.
  • Tank sizes are approximate and slight variations may occur.

Delivery within 10 working days from order date – where full loads apply.


  • All vertical tanks have an eight (8) year replacement guarantee.
  • Liability in terms of this guarantee are limited to claims which arise from loss of integrity of the product.
  • Liability for other losses and/or subsequent damages suffered are excluded.
  • All goods remain the property of KRM PLASTICS (PTY) Ltd until fully paid for.


  • Guarantee only valid in South Africa.
  • Any damage caused by incorrect handling, storing, installation or modifications.
  • Damage to tanks by chemical substances not compatible with polyethylene.
  • Damage to tanks due to incorrect fitment of fittings.
  • Transportation of tanks.

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R34 Memel Road
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PO Box 912
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