Lindsay Africa

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Lindsay Corporation will be the leader, worldwide, in providing differentiated water management and road infrastructure products and services that improve productivity and result in earning superior returns for our shareholders.

Lindsay Corporation has been involved in the manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment for over 60 years. The sales and distribution network has grown from a regional company to a major international agribusiness and highway infrastructure firm with worldwide annual revenues of $617.9 million in fiscal 2014. Lindsay is a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (LNN) and is ISO9001:2008 certified.

Lindsay has irrigation systems operating in more than 90 countries. As a Nebraska-based company, Lindsay is strong and dependable – much like the small town roots that the company originated from. Tough, dependable Zimmatic by Lindsay irrigation systems have been the choice of the world’s irrigators for over 50 years. The company’s success comes from finding a better way to irrigate almost any crop on varied terrain and soils to increase yields and better utilize natural resources.


The Lindsay Advantage offers turnkey solutions for your field.  From pumping systems to soil moisture sensors, advanced controls to GPS positioning, there’s a product for every grower and every field.  With so many choices and options, Zimmatic by Lindsay can customize a unique system that maximizes time, labor and water savings for your individual needs. 
Growers around the world rely on Lindsay to add value, reduce risk and take full advantage of every growing season. 

Lindsay Transportation Solutions is an international group of companies producing a wide range of products that aid in roadway maintenance and transportation safety.
We are the experienced infrastructure supplier who delivers international expertise and quality, based on a record of quick implementation while exceeding safety standards.
Barrier Systems - supplies moveable road barriers and barrier transfer machines marketed under the Road Zipper® brand to safely reduce traffic congestion.
Road Safety Products - a global supplier of road safety products meeting NCHRP 350 and EN 1317 standard and marketed under the Barrier Systems and Snoline brands.
Railroad Products - a leading provider of railway signals and structure in the North American market.