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Netafim SA
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The Netafim purpose is to advance life around the world by helping farmers grow more with less.                                                 
How – by driving the mass adoption of precision irrigation and providing innovative precision irrigation solutions.
Why – to fight water, land, and food scarcity.                                                                                                                

As global leader in precision irrigation, we believe we have a responsibility to ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible in agriculture around the globe.

On local soil, Netafim South Africa is working hard to affect the adoption of precision irrigation across the Southern African region.

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More Than Drip Driven by our slogan, ‘Grow more with less™’, our focus goes beyond drip irrigation. We offer holistic irrigation solutions to growers of all shapes and sizes.

The aim? To empower these growers to grow more with less. Our offer includes a wide range of leading irrigation and complementary solutions across all crops, conditions, and terrains. This includes drippers and driplines, micro and macro sprinklers, valves, filters, water meters, crop management technology (CMT) and ever-developing digital farming solutions.                 

The distinction of Netafim’s solutions from other irrigation products lies in the reliability of its products add value it adds on farm level. Netafim builds its success on its quality products, the expertise of its employees, and years of accumulated knowledge and experience from designing and applying its products and systems.                                                

We believe that the drive for mass adoption of precision irrigation must be about much more than the provision of precision irrigation solutions. Our belief is that success will depend on several factors: products, people, partnerships, and knowledge. We are therefore called to share knowledge with farmers and all role players in the irrigation and wider agricultural industry. Even the best products will not lead to success if they are not applied, operated, and maintained correctly and if the user is not supported with knowledge.                                                                                                                                                             

Products & Services
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Our greatest goal is to overcome stumbling blocks. Working in an agricultural environment, implies a host of physical challenges to irrigation and crop production in general. These are challenges such as dripper clogging, root penetration, sloping fields or orchards, poor water quality, low water pressure and more. In our products, technology and clever solutions are used to overcome these challenges.

Solutions come in the form of pressure-compensated drippers, high durability driplines, fully automatic self-cleaning disc filters, ultrasonic bulk water meters, reliable and durable sprinklers and much more.        

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Netafim House
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Kraaifontein Industria
Cape Town
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