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Nutribase is an importer and distributor of speciality feed additives for the animal feed industry in Southern Africa

Nutribase was founded in 2003 and ever since has grown to an important supplier of speciality feed additives for the animal feed industry.


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Our customers are animal feed companies, vitamin pre-mixers, pharmaceutical distributors and intensive livestock farmers.

Nutribase employs University trained animal scientists to provide technical support on the effective application of our products for animal feed.

Our logistical and administrative team is based in Pretoria South Africa. From here we co-ordinate warehousing, transport and deliveries of our products to South and East Africa.


Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of feed additives to our feed industry partners, by creating value for them and their customers.

Products & Services


Megalac is a rumen-protected fat supplement which increases energy supply in diets without increasing the acid load in the rumen and risk of acidosis, unlike starchy sources of energy such as cereals. Megalac is an ideal supplement to increase energy supply in early lactation diets of cows and sheep and is well-proven to improve cow fertility.


Mega-Fat 88 contains a high-proportion of the C16 fatty acids (88%) (the building blocks of fat) proven to increase milk fat production, with additional energy supplied from other fatty acids. This product is a unique formulation to Volac Wilmar with almost exclusively high-melting point fatty acids to help ensure rumen-protection of the fat and improve product stability.


Mega-Fat Extra is a highly-concentrated source of the C16 fatty acids (97%) (the building blocks of fat) proven to increase milk fat production. This product is most suitable where the key interest is improving milk fat %.


ACTIFOR® BOOST is a phytogenic solution to improve milk yield in dairy cows and to boost performance of beef cattle and small ruminants. ACTIFOR® BOOST influences the digestive tract on the level of the rumen as well as the small intestine, both to optimise protein utilization and energy uptake.


For dairy cows and beef cattle. ACTIFOR® POWER is a phytogenic solution that helps to maintain ruminal pH in conditions of high-carbohydrate rations (high acidosis risk) and to simultaneously improve the energy efficiency in ruminants.


Supported by a unique patented technology for rumen protection & intestinal release, AjiPro-L is a rumen protected lysine source with documented 80% by-pass, 64% bioavailability and is highly stable when mixed in the ration. Use of AjiPro-L can be associated with increased productivity, improved Income Over Feed Cost and improved protein efficiency with reduced nitrogen excretion.


Blossom is a high quality milk replacer for dairy and beef calves. It is formulated with high levels of milk protein and a specifically blend of fats to give calves the ideal start in life.


Lamlac is a high quality milk replacer for lamb and goat kids and is based on high levels of milk protein.


Calf Volostrum is a natural alternative to colostrum for feeding when maternal colostrum is unavailable or in short supply.


Asgold is a complementary feed for the stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance in the young animal.  It may be used in case of risk, or recovery from digestive disturbance (diarrhoea) and can be fed in conjunction with the normal milk diet.  It is an ideal first feed for bought-in calves. AS Gold can also be fed to lambs and piglets.

HP 100

HP100 can be used with great economical advantage in milk replacers for both rearing and veal purposes. In combination with various whey products, HP100 can thus partly or completely replace skimmed milk powder. HP100 is easily dispersed in water and does not clot. The particles remain suspended much longer than conventional products and ensure a high feed utilisation.

HP RumenStart

HP RumenStart is a unique soya protein for young calf pre-starter feed which is an optimum source of high quality, highly digestible nutrients with a low content of anti-nutritional factors. HP RumenStart has a palatable taste that calves prefer, easing the move from calf milk replacers to solid feed and reducing your feed costs overall.



Hemicell HT improves energy efficiency and health of pigs and poultry by breaking down the anti-nutritional factor, beta-mannan, in legumes like sunflowers and soya. FIIR (Feed Induced Immune Response) is therefore prevented, allowing the animal to direct more energy to growth and performance. The result is cost saving in feeds and support to production and health.


Lactofeed 70 is a lactose rich, free flowing powder based on whey permeate and soy protein that enables higher levels of lactose at a cost effective manner in feeding programs for piglets, ruminants and poultry. 


Faramate is a high quality milk replacer for piglets and is based entirely on milk proteins, ensuring optimal performance and health.


HP Avistart is a unique protein source that derives from soybeans and yeast. Compared to standard soya proteins, it contains a very low level of anti-nutritional factors that limit the absorption of feed nutrients. Easy digestibility ensures that the broiler chicks gain full benefit from the product's high level of essential amino acids.

HP 300

HP 300 consist of nutritious proteins that is easily digested and absorbed by the piglet after using a unique patented bioprocessing of soya, which reduces anti-nutritional factors to a minimum and delivers a palatable feed ingredient with an improved functionality.


BIOSTRONG® 510 is THE phytogenic feed additive for profitable poultry production. Designed to deliver best performance by improving feed efficiency in poultry leading to increased weight gain and enhanced egg production. EU Zootechnical registration obtained in 2017 provides independent, objective scientific evidence of the product’s efficacy.


The phytogenic performance enhancer in pig production. FRESTA® F improves feed intakes, average daily gain, feed efficiency and intestinal health. It is the first and only phytogenic product that obtained an EU registration as a zootechnical feed additive for weaned piglets, which reflects the high technical performance of the product.


Butiphorce 1065 is used as performance enhancer in poultry and piglet feeds. Slow release butyric acid is known to stimulate differentiation and multiplication of gut wall epithelium cells. Healthier gut wall cells improve digestion, nutrient absorption and epithelial barrier function, which results in improved performance. Butiphorce 1065 is a double-strength highly efficient, target-release butyric acid source without butyric acid smell. 


RIDofMITE is natural in feed poultry red mite repellent and is a blend of natural organic essential oils and vitamins. The compound is characterized by a strong odour which makes hens scent and acts like natural repellent of poultry red mite. 

Bonilac 50

Bonilac 50 is a fat filled whey powder (50% fat & 50% sweet whey) and is an excellent energy source for milk replacers and compound feed.


Digest Fast decreases the cost of the feed by replacing a significant amount of the fat incorporated in the diet.

Ensures an excellent digestibility and availability of energy, since it acts as a natural emulsifier. Digest Fast also improves the digestibility of feed nutrients and it promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Other Products


Ecosyl silage inoculant is ideal for a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions. It has been thoroughly proven to improve fermentation and animal performance. Ecosyl contains MTD/1 - a special strain of bacteria which is only found in the Ecosyl range of silage additives.


Ecocool silage inoculant consist of two unique bacterial strains, Lactobacillus plantarum strain MTD/1 for improved fermentation and Lactobacillus buchneri strain PJB/1 for improved aerobic stability, giving you more better quality silage to feed.


MINAZEL PLUS is created by innovative and unique technology following the European patent. The product use leads to a broad range of action such as adsorption of all mycotoxins, polar and less polar in a very high percentage. Once adsorbed to MINAZEL PLUS, mycotoxins are not desorbed through the intestinal tract.

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