PlusNet / Geotex Shadenetting (a division of Master Plastics Group)

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PlusNet/Geotex A Division of Master Plastics Ltd, is a Gauteng based manufacturing company. Geotex was founded in 1995 and the PlusNet Range was added in 2000.

We supply profiled yarns to the plastics textile industry. Today PlusNet/Geotex has a fully integrated state-of-the-art production facility that produces innovated products for the agricultural, commercial and civil industry. Innovation is an important philosophy to which PlusNet/Geotex subscribes, thus new developments are constantly in the pipeline.

PlusNet/Geotex has achieved high levels of business with its well proven reputation for quality and service and maintains the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. This ISO 9001 quality management system will always be endorsed, now and in the future. As a division of the Master Plastics Group of companies, which is listed on the JSE, the business is Level-2 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment accredited and an empowering supplier, meaning that customers of PlusNet can claim 125% of their spend with the business for their own BBB-EE scorecard.


PlusNet/Geotex manufactures and sells shadenet suitable for both agricultural and commercial use. We offer shade net construction services that will meet you at your point of need.


  • Accurate surveying
  • Custom Structure design
  • Professional trained construction workers
  • Quality shade net
  • Guaranteed hardware & supply
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Custom made equipment
  • New technology
  • Legal protection
  • Partnership with after-service

We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of agricultural shade netting from 20% to 80% shade, tailored to improve spectral transmittance and provide the optimal lighting and protection for your crop.

Our range of attractive and functional decorative shade net provide cover for your crops for up to 90% shade and come in a variety of natural colours.

20% Natural shade net covering citrus
20% Shade net construction to cover leafy greens
20% White - citrus
20% White - leafy vegetables
20% White - radishes
20% White - table grapes
20% White shade net covering table grapes
Citrus under 20% shade net
Close up view of white table grapes under 20% shade net
Construction phase using 20% shade net
Front view of table grapes construction using 20% white shade net
Hail funnels used in construction covering radishes
Perfect rows of radishesunder 20% white shade net
Radishes growing under 20% white shade net
Radishes under 20% shade net
Semi side view of construction for table grapes using 20% shade net
Side view of 20% shade net cover for radishes
Side view of table grapes structure using 20% shade net


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