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Quic-Grow is dedicated to making a difference in serving customers with high quality products and service.

Quic-Grow started under the direction and experienced expertise of Amanzi Landscapes, in 2016, but has been since registered as a company in its own name.

Quic-Grow has the drive to continuously research new possibilities in developing new solutions to satisfy the particular and personal needs of customers. The company is ever evolving and seeking growth through new solutions for customers i t o products and service expansion.

Quic-Grow has established valuable relations with a standing panel of experts in horticulture and landscaping to ensure accurate and expert service to each esteemed customer.


Quic-Grow has a range of seed products formulated to cater for the diverse and unique needs of farmers in all the regions in South Africa and other regions in the African continent. 

The Quic-Grow range for home lawns is appreciated by homeowners seeking lasting solutions for their lawns.

The Quic-Grow seed-products were developed the great care and after extensive research. We handle the needs of each customer as unique and endeavour to journey with our customers in seeking individual and lasting solutions for their particular requirements, developing combinations to suit their particular soil and climate conditions, and even doing site visits, in immediate proximity to deliver the best possible product and service. We assist our customers daily via telephone and email with practical expert advice.

All the Quic-Grow products are available in small quantities and bulk, for the requirements of homeowners, and farmers alike.

Evergreen Pasture Seed
Evergreen Pasture Seed
Evergreen Pasture Seed
Evergreen Sun & Shade Lawn Seed
Evergreen Sun & Shade Seed
Poor Mans Lucerne
Quic Grow Shade Mix
Quic-Grow Shade Mix
Summer Lawn Blend
Summer Lawn Blend
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