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The Rebelo Agricultural Group is a leader in the agricultural sector with regards to quality fresh produce packaging, specialized agricultural equipment as well as genuine parts and expert service.

Since its foundation over 10 years ago, Rebelo has taken pride in always being at our customers service as well as going out of our way to ensure that we offer only the best services and the highest quality products.

Whether it be packaging, machinery or parts and service we will be there for you.


The Rebelo Agricultural Group is a leading supplier of only the best fresh produce packaging and consumables for the food industry and beyond, the worlds best specialised agricultural equipment as well as innovative solutions to solve the problems farmers face on a daily basis and the best parts and service department to back that up. Whether it be bags,boxes, consumables or bed formers, planters, harvesters or anything in between, Rebelo Agricultural is your best option.

For great service and the best products give us a call.

Bateman RB17 Self Propelled Crop Sprayer
Flow Packed Produced
Gamaco Phantom B1 Flow Wrapper
Pallet Wrap
Sorma Group SBU-134 Automatic Vert Bagger
Sorma Group W14 Automatic Weighing Head
Sorma Multipack