Rolfes Agri

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Rolfes Agri is committed to developing and implementing sustainable agricultural products of consistent high quality for local and international markets.

Rolfes Agri possesses adaptive abilities in various market conditions, environments, world climate and the requirements of our distributors and agricultural producers. Rolfes Agri focusses on progressive manufacturing facilities, production expertise and the capacity to compliment the product development department.

Our production units are flexible enough to accommodate custom formulation and manufacturing of products.  Rolfes Agri produces a diverse range of products for our own distribution channels and toll formulate for other companies.

Rolfes Agri is the proud owner of a vast variety of Organically Certified products as well as Biological products – an agricultural leader in terms of the quantity and quality of Organically Certified products offered.


Our product range consists of Adjuvants, Fungcides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fertilisers, Soil Conditioners, Biological Products, Seed treatments, Stress Management products and Inoculants.

Our focus is not exclusively on formulating and developing innovative products, we maintain a holistic approach which includes various service offerings such as; a dedicated Research and Development department, Absolute Agri Crop Technology (leaf analysis and customised product recommendations), Technical and product support in-field, in-house product formulation laboratory, customer service excellence, product registrations, logistics and warehousing.

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