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Rotrix Africa
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Rotrix Africa Rainmaker Irrigation Systems the most effective and cost efficient travelling irrigation systems available in Africa..

The automatic watering systems can be easily moved and set-up by two labourers.

Our irrigation systems are designed for low running costs.

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The automatic watering systems can be easily moved and set-up by two labourers. Our irrigation systems are designed for low running costs.

  • Capital cost per ha dramatically reduced.
  • The automatic watering systems can be easily moved and set-up by two labourers.
  • Our irrigation systems are designed for low running costs
  • Operators irrigate large areas without supervision.
  • Can be used with existing pump and mainline systems.
  • Water application can be adjusted and well managed.
  • Quickly set-up or move from one field to another.

Irrigation Models

Rotrix Africa manufactures a range of different models to accommodate all the various applications requested.


All Crops suited to overhead irrigation for example, Maize, Wheat, Potatoes, Soya Beans, Paprica, Tobacco, Sugar Cane, Vegetables, Onions, Pastures, Lucern, Vineyards and Citrus

Rotrix Africa Rainmaker Irrigation System Exports

The Rotrix Africa Rainmaker travelling Irrigation units are the most versatile compact mobile irrigation systems on the market for export.

The Rainmaker systems are ideally suited for small scale and commercial farming enterprises.

The units are packed and strapped onto pallets in pre-assembled kits ready for easy and simple transport to any destination via road or air transport. Once the units are delivered follow the simple assembly instruction and in a couple of hours your new Rainmaker system is ready to be wheeled out to your lands to start irrigating your crops effectively and efficiently.

Backed by more the 40 years of irrigation experience and the manufacturing of the Rainmaker Irrigation systems, Rotrix Africa is able to offer its client unbeatable service with the product designed and built to meet the harsh conditions of operating in Africa.

The design is low tech but effective, easily maintained and serviced with the most basic tool and mechanical knowledge.

Parts lists, service instructions and service spares are available with each unit we export with back up from your nearest agent or direct from the head office in South Africa.

Rotrix Africa can also advise you on your requirements if you do not have an existing irrigation network in place and is able to offer complete Irrigation Systems including diesel pump set options direct from the factory delivered to your farm.

Products & Services
Cane Master 300 Irrigation System

The Rotrix Cane Master 300 was designed to accommodate sugar cane growers with supplementary irrigation during the dry periods and the establishing of new cane fields. Due to their light weight design, they are easily managed by small teams of operators without the need to wait for tractors to assist with lane changing. Very mobile and ideally suited to be used with diesel pump sets and quick coupling pipe work.

Hose Master Irrigation System

Hose Master 50 & Hose Master 100 - Portable small scale field irrigator

Rainmaker 200 Irrigation Systems – 2 Wheel & 4 Wheel

Heavy duty agricultural irrigator

Rhino 300 4×4 Irrigation System

Most versatile traveling irrigator on the market

Agrirain 200 Irrigation System

Heavy duty agricultural irrigator

Greenkeeper 200 Irrigation System

Sport and recreation field irrigator

Clubman 100 Irrigation System

Sport and recreation field irrigator

Sportsman 120 Irrigation System

Sport field and garden irrigator

Contact Information

Branch Contact Info

Physical Address
13 Krone Street
Western Cape
Postal Address
PO Box 349
Western Cape
Business Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:00-17:00
Tuesday: 8:00-17:00
Wednesday: 8:00-17:00
Thursday: 8:00-17:00
Friday: 8:00-17:00
Saturday: 8:00-12:00

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