SBS Agri

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SBS® Agri was formed off the base of more than 40 years combined experience in the agricultural sector. The quality of products supplied by SBS® Agri is non negotiable,  SBS® Agri partnered with Lambton conveyor from Canada, the Largest Manufacturer of Galvanized Grain Storage, Handling, and Conditioning Equipment in Canada as key suppliers of their products in the African market.


SBS® Agri (Pty) Ltd offer grain storage & handling equipment suchs as ,loop systems, grain cannons, pendulum/full round/flat back distributors, valves, hopper tanks, drum and gravity cleaners,Grain Dryers Storage Bins, Conveyors & Elevators  a full line of accessories and much more. In addition to these offerings we also offer Water Tanks, reservoir liners and HDPE earth dam liners.

Bucket Elevator
Grain Storage Bin
Silos with Chain Conveyor
Top Dryer