Skoon Tegnologie

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Skoon Tegnologie is a mechanical and process engineering company providing technical solutions to the food and beverage industry, including agri-processing. We focus on the handling and processing of foods and foodstuffs with an appreciation for hygiene and food safety.

Our capabilities include consulting services, design and manufacturing of equipment, pipework installations, and supplying heating and cooling solutions.

We follow a systems approach where we consider not only the solution, but also how it will integrate with our client’s existing equipment and infrastructure. All our systems are designed based on our client’s requirements and limitations in order to provide solutions that deliver as promised.

With our skills and experience in multi-disciplinary project management, we take your ideas from concept to realisation.




  • Plate or tubular design
  • From clear juices and milk to highly viscous products with fibres.
  • Distributor for SOMA Pumps GmbH

Evaporating systems

Complete juice processing lines

Complete milk processing plants

Chiller systems

  • Approved installer of Daikin chillers
  • Ice bank systems

Heat exchangers

  • Plate-and-frame and tubular
  • In-house design capabilities
  • Distributor for API Heat Transfer

Clean-in-Place systems

Ultra-filtration systems

General factory equipment

  • Hand wash basins, boot washers, hygienic workbenches
  • Drum and keg tipping systems
  • Conveyor systems

Sugar handling and dissolving equipment

Water recycling systems

Bio-diesel systems

  • Bio-diesel production
  • Dewatering systems



Process optimisation

Factory planning and evaluations

  • Full 3D-CAD capabilities

Automation and control

Energy efficiency

150 litre per hour pasteuriser for liquid egg
4500 litre per hour tubular pasteuriser
7500 kg per hour falling-film evaporator for citrus
Automation of a vacuum cooling unit
Chiller installation
Clean-in-Place system for a juice factory
Factory installation
Food grade conveyor
Hand and bootwashing stations and hand railings
Hand and bootwashing stations old
Planning the layour of a juice factory
Small scale plate pasteuriser
Ultr-filtration system for apple processing facility
Washbasin and pipework installation


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