SM Structures

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SM Structures Steel Buildings’ pre-engineered steel buildings are 100% manufactured in South Africa, and distributed worldwide.

If you are looking for well designed quality steel structures of any size, we believe SM STRUCTURES is the starting point with only the finest commercial grade South African made prime steel, our professional engineers design the most durable steel structures.

Our steel structure can be used for various uses such as garages, warehouses, workshops, metal sheds, prefab homes, agricultural storage, airplane hangars and more. SM Structures can meet any Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural or Residential application and can be customised for unique solutions as well.

Due to our steel structures superior strength, versatility and simple design features, SM Structures steel structures offer an attractive and affordable building solution. Since SM Structures steel structures are engineered, manufactured and sold directly to the customer it allows you to save time and get the best steel structure price from the start.

SM Structures steel structures are totally prefabricated, preformed, and predrilled. Easy for us to erect fast on site!

Our long history in steel structure manufacturing, combined with consistent factory procedures to maintain excellent quality has given SM Structures a proven track record of customer satisfaction.


Benefits to the cost of construction

  • Steel provides exceptional durability, strength and support which means that less money will need to be spent on replacements, repairs and maintenance.
  • Steel is lightweight which makes it easy to erect and cost-effective to transport.
  • Steel requires less maintenance since it is resistant to stress, structural weakness, cracking, warping, bending and breaking; making it an incredibly cost-effective building material for your next construction.
  • Since steel is generally custom made to fit its application, you won’t be spending more money than you need to on excess materials; allowing you to allocate your building budget with added accuracy.