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Staalbeer (Pty) Ltd
Company Information

Staalbeer was established under private ownership in 1978 as de Beer Broers Staalnywerhede and opened branches in Potchefstroom, Vereeniging and Bothaville

Since 2002 the current owners have transformed Staalbeer into a Merchanting and Manufacturing conglomerate that service customers in the construction, building, manufacturing and agricultural industries.

More Information

We stock a full range of Steel and related Products and manufactures quality products. With our in-house fleet we deliver our products on a just in time basis.

Our newest endeavour includes Light Steel Roof Trusses and the manufacture of Perforated Plate.

Staalbeer believes in traditional values that include value for money products and services, respect for our employees and continuous innovation and improvement.

Products & Services
Steel Products

Since 1978 Staalbeer has supplied steel to central South Africa. We stock a full range of steel and related products. Contact our branches to find the optimal solution for all your steel requirements.

Roof Sheeting

Staalbeer is a manufacturer of IBR, Corrugated and Widespan roof sheeting in Galvanised or pre-painted Chromadek® finish. We are also a one stop supplier that supply all the required roofing accessories.

Roof Sheeting Supplier

What makes Staalbeer Roof Sheeting superior to cheaper products:

  • All our Roof Sheeting is manufactured from prime quality locally manufactured galvanised steel
  • Our Chromadek® carries a 10-year warranty from ArcelorMittal. (See attached application procedure)
  • All Roof Sheeting is supplied cut to the correct length for your structure up to a maximum length of 15.8m and is delivered directly to your site.
  • Our Roof Sheeting can be cranked, bullnosed or curved to customer’s specification.
  • Our Roof Sheeting will last the life span of the structure when correctly specified, installed and maintained
  • We minimise waste and avoid mistakes by measuring roofs on site before an order is placed.
  • Our technical team offer sound advice regarding roof design and selection of the correct product.
  • We also supply all the required roof accessories including flashings, fasteners and Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

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Light Steel Trusses

Whether you’ re a builder or the property owner, Staalbeer can design, manufacture and deliver any shape or size lightweight steel roof trusses, floor joists & awnings for both sheeting or tile applications for single or large residential projects, low cost housing projects and commercial applications.

The Staalbeer Truss can be used on any masonry or steel structure and have the following characteristics:

  • Are custom designed for each structure using specialised engineering software;
  • A roll formed U-shaped Truss profile is used for chords and webs to create a strong & durable yet lightweight truss;
  • Manufactured from tested and certified 0.80mm thick S550GD steel with guaranteed structural properties
  • Designs conform to SANS 517 design principles & NHBRC specifications,
  • Galvanised Z200 coated steel is used for the truss members for a 100% termite proof and maintenance free solution.
  • Trusses and battens are non-combustible.
  • Truss cords and webs can form an unique triple overlap (3 times material thickness) at load points for extra strength
  • Trusses are factory assembled using a 12mm hollow core rivet that is crimped in place to ensure structural integrity and dimensional accuracy of the truss.
  • Trusses can be joined to form a double or triple ply configuration for extra-long spans
  • Suitable for over purlin or ceiling insulation
  • No new skills is required to install light steel trusses compared to timber trusses
  • A full range of galvanised truss brackets is available for secure installation of the truss
  • Professional structural engineer certification is available on completion of the project.
  • Truss layouts can be exported to DXF format for integration with customer’s CAD software

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Reinforcing Steel

Staalbeer supplies, cuts and bends reinforcing steel to SANS 920: 2011 and adheres to quality standards to meet customer requirements.

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Steel Fencing Products

Staalbeer branches supply quality fencing products to the security, agricultural, construction and DIY industries.

We offer a wide range of quality fencing products for applications such as high security perimeter control, demarcation of properties and control of animal movement.

Why Staalbeer fencing is preferred by fencing users

  • We have supplied major fencing projects in central South Africa for 40 years.
  • Our fences comply to SANS standards (where applicable)
  • When properly erected our fences require minimal maintenance
  • Our Palisade fencing can be custom manufactured to your specifications.
  • We also supply all accessories including Fencing Posts & stays, gates and gate tracks

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Decorative Metal Screens

Beautify the exterior or interior of your building with a Decorative Metal Screen designed and manufactured by Staalbeer.

Our screens give meaning to the term “form and function,” as they provide customers with decorative beauty while also serving practical purposes. Metal screens are used as building facades, exterior cladding, dividing or canopy screens, hand rail screens or to create a unique feature. Screens can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted to create a unique design and is used in residential and commercial projects.

Products are manufactured on our cutting-edge CNC equipment from Mild Steel or Stainless Steel.

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Laser Cutting


Our profiling department in Potchefstroom consists of Laser cutting and Punch press machines, a Guillotine and a 220 ton CNC Press brake. These machines provide a precision cutting, forming and bending service to our customers.

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Perforated Plates

Our CNC Punch enable us to process small production runs at low cost and high accuracy. The machine can cut, punch, profile and form sheets up to 3 000mm long x 1250mm wide.

Maximum material thickness that can be processed is 6.0mm but punching is limited to the results of a calculation that takes hole area, material type and sheet thickness into consideration.

We currently have tooling for the following apertures:

New tooling is added monthly, please contact our sales department to confirm whether your requirement can be processed on this machine.

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CCA Treated Timber Poles

Staalbeer supplies a comprehensive range of SANS approved treated and untreated timber poles for domestic or commercial use. All our poles are CCA treated and quality inspected before they receive the SANS mark.

 Treated timber poles can be used for Pole structures e.g. Lapas, Fencing Poles, Post and Rail Fencing, and other general applications.

 All poles are measured on their top diameter

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Contact Information

Branch Contact Info

Physical Address
24 Promosa Road C/O Ross street
North West
Postal Address
PO Box 1035
Business Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7:15-16:30
Tuesday: 7:15-16:30
Wednesday: 7:15-16:30
Thursday: 7:15-16:30
Friday: 7:15-15:45
Saturday: 8:00-11:45

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Staalbeer Sales Team
+27 (0) 18 297 7761

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