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Staalmeester Agricultural Equipment
Company Information

Who We Are

Staalmeester is one of the oldest agricultural machinery manufacturing companies in Southern Africa. A well-established agricultural equipment business, situated in Hartbeesfontein in the North-West province, who manufacture and import equipment that serves small and medium farmers’ agricultural equipment needs.

Staalmeester imports from 11 countries, exports to 18 African countries through agents and can be considered as the market leader for more than 108 products. Staalmeester is driven by a passion to serve the farmer’s needs and increase productivity while being cost effective. Furthermore, Staalmeester strives to deliver the best service in the agricultural equipment sector.


    More Information

    Agricultural Equipment Since 1951

    Staalmeester was established in 1951 by MR PML Coetzee with the purpose of supplying farmers in central South Africa with agricultural equipment. In the late 1980’s Mr Martin Coetzee son of Mr PML Coetzee bought the company from him.

    In the year 2000 Staalmeester started Importing with the idea of expanding its product offering and services to a wider geographic market, still focusing on agricultural machinery, and quickly became a popular business partner for farmers.

    Africa’s leading agricultural companies.

    Modern Day Staalmeester

    Staalmeester was taken over and managed in 2012 by Martin Coetzee, who is the grandson of founder, PML Coetzee.

    • Experts in their field - This third generation family-business competes with the best in the agri-industry and is constantly exploring new avenues, seeking opportunities and implementing innovative solutions to remain ahead of competitors.
    • Wide Network - Staalmeester has a wide network in South Africa covering every province with a total of 35 dealerships with certified workshops.
    • Large Geographical Footprint - Staalmeester also has a large footprint in the Southern African regions with representative in each country with full backup and after sales services.
    • Excellent Partners - In 2018 Staalmeester expanded its resources by forming a partnership with Senwes, one of South
    Products & Services
    Staalmeester | Products

    Staalmeester imports from 11 countries, exports to 18 African countries through agents and can be considered as the market leader for more than 108 products.

    Staalmeester has a wide and dynamic range of agricultural equipment

    Agricultural Equipment Since 1951.

    • Hammer Mills 
    • Threshers 
    • Balers 
    • Mowers 
    • Rakes 
    • Forage Harvesters 
    • Boom Sprayers 
    • Fertilizer Spreader 
    • Planters
    • Bales Shredders
    • Forage Wagons
    • Boskos Chippers
    • Wood Chippers
    • Ground Working Machinery
    • Bale Forks / Loaders
    • Grain & Silage Baggers
    • Fire wood processing machines
    • Feed Mixers
    • Posthole digger
    • Hedgers
    Staalmeester | Financing

    Staalmeester provides financing through Senwes Credit as partner. Financing can be arranged on qualifying purchases and the terms of payment will be as stipulated by Senwes Credit.

    Staalmeester | Warranties

    Staalmeester prides itself on manufacturing and selling quality agricultural equipment. If you have any problems with equipment bought from us, don't hesitate to bring it under our attention and we will handle your inquiry promptly.

    Contact Information

    Branch Contact Info

    Physical Address
    2 Coetzee Street
    North West
    Postal Address
    PO Box 71
    Business Hours
    Sunday: Closed
    Monday: 8:00-17:00
    Tuesday: 8:00-17:00
    Wednesday: 8:00-17:00
    Thursday: 8:00-17:00
    Friday: 8:00-17:00
    Saturday: Closed

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