Top Crop

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Forest Lodge Estates eldest member, Dries Steyn, has been actively involved in agriculture since 1965. Dries has seen the many faces of change in agriculture during the past 50 years. Joined in 1993 by his two sons, Carl and Danie, we are now an active farming company, specialising in the production of potatoes.

We are also successful growers of other crops such as maize, wheat and kidney beans. We have for a number of years exported some of these commodities to Europe. This opened our world to the importation of agricultural equipment.

With the success story of our imported irrigation equipment, since 2008, and due to the high quality and demand, we decided to extend our product range and from there the birth of TopCrop.


Our aim is to assist our clients in producing the finest quality crops using the finest equipment at affordable prices. We are a service driven group with confidence in our products, good technical, as well as parts backup. All of our products have been tried and tested on the African Continent and are suitable for our conditions.

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