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TMI Irrigation Solutions provides farmers throughout South Africa with the best irrigation systems.


On top of this, the changes in technology has provided us with innovation which makes a huge difference. This difference comes in the form of both how your crop health is formed and our approach to sustainability.

TMI has recently had the privilege to expand our integrated irrigation solutions to the Sub Saharan Africa market. This has been afforded to us due to international agencies which we have acquired.

We have in recent years extended our expertise into areas of alternative water source and wet services. This has guaranteed that we can reduce our environmental footprint of non-potable consumption. We have accomplished this through the use of alternative water sources. This ensures a sustainable future for our limited and valued resources.

At TMI Irrigation Solutions our highly skilled staff members in their respective divisions have over 100 years of experience combined.

As such, this has allowed us to provide our customers with more than just irrigation systems. We supply our services backed with a wealth of experience.


Furthermore, this combination has allowed us to smoothly transition our operations into all forms of crop enhancement. Whether you have already fitted irrigation systems or not we will increase your production, the way it should be.

Our mission statement has always been reduced non-potable water consumption. In this our approach is to find or create alternative non potable solutions. On top of this, we look to increase the efficiencies of our integrated irrigation solutions.

This is done with our supply of the latest innovative products, technology or tools available to us.

With the vulnerability of our water resources increasing we feel that agricultural irrigation systems are substantial and responsible investments. As such, TMI’s services are built around the need for a greener presence.

We also customise our systems and approaches to the customer’s needs.

Allow us the pleasure to enhance and improve your crop..Furthermore, we will give you the pleasure of showcasing your area all while having our services provided to you on an affordable and sustainable budget.

More Information

Irrigation Services:


Consultancy: Design & Project Management

Expertise includes irrigation systems, pump stations, electrical control panels, water purification plants and alternative energy solutions.


Irrigation Audits

Our irrigation managers are able to properly assess the performance of your system and take timely decisions of adjustments, service and maintenance.


Irrigation Water Management

Our irrigation managers are able to properly assess the performance of your system and take timely decisions of adjustments, service and maintenance.


New Irrigation Systems

A quality installed irrigation system translates into minimal maintenance and future savings to your watering investment


Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance

Visit our online shop for all your domestic irrigation requirements from leading irrigation products.


Technical Support & Training

Why not get support training in the latest products to upskill yourself?





The TMI group has a range of Hunter Irrigation solutions which are made by Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment for the South African Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural industries.

Hunter produces pop-up gear-driven rotors, spray sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controllers and weather sensors. Hunter prides itself in innovation that has allowed them to lead the charge in water-saving technologies.

Embrace modern technologies and make use of WiFi-enabled devices to control your irrigation devices remotely and sensor technology to adjust your irrigation to prevailing weather conditions for the most optimal irrigation schedules.

Hunter products don’t just ensure you have a water-saving set-up but you also maximize the health of your turf and balance the eco-system surrounding it.

Hunter Industries holds more than 250 product patents and 40 trademarks and conducts business in 125 countries.



The TMI group is the sole distributor and agent for FX Luminaire for all of Southern Africa. We have a range of landscape and architectural lighting solutions that you can use to create elegant designs for your home, office, industrial park, commercial park or municipal park.

Our range of services includes; Consultancy, Design & Project Management, Technical Services, Installations and After Sales & Training on all FX Luminaire products.

FX Luminaire is an industry-leading manufacturer of landscape and architectural lighting products with a focus on the advancement of LED Landscape Lighting technology and digital lighting control with zoning, dimming and colour adjustment capabilities.



The TMI group has a range of Otterbine Barebo products including Aerators, Aerating Fountains, Decorative Fountains, Giant Fountains, Accessories Fountains to help you improve water quality and enhance your water features for any size water body, from ponds to lakes and even dams.

Our solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including Commercial, Residential, Municipal, and Industrial needs. We help a variety of clients with water quality management which is important for the environment, turf quality, irrigation and aesthetics of any golf course, park, commercial or residential property.

We use Otterbine solutions to both manage the quality of water and beautify any water body. Our aeration systems are designed to maintain healthy lakes, ponds and dams by maintaining ecological balance leading to avoid build-up of algae, bad smells and unattractive water bodies.

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12A Pastorale Street
Durbanville Business Park
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PO Box 4430
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Monday: 7:30-17:00
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Saturday: Closed

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