TWK Agri

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TWK Agri was initially established by timber farmers.  The aim was to assist in the marketing of their timber products, mainly Wattle bark and timber.

 This has subsequently expanded to also include other species of timber, mainly Eucalyptus and Pine logs as well as a variety of other timber products, not only for TWK’s farmers but for the South African timber industry as a whole.


Timber Marketing

We continually cultivate and develop new and existing markets and/or niche markets for the suppliers of our processed and unprocessed timber products.

We obtain and supply sustainable quality unprocessed timber products to local and international markets, and market timber products on behalf of our suppliers.

We negotiate competitive rail contracts on behalf of the supplier and placed timber depots strategically close to rail sidings for the benefit of our suppliers and to relief traffic on the already congested road network.


TWK Timber Products

  1. Game farm & cattle farm fencing
  2. Orchard support
  3. Vineyard support
  4. Creosote poles


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