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WM Spilhaus & Co. Pty Ltd is fast approaching its 138 years of existence. This proud Company, registered in October 1876, started as a humble beginning in shipping and agricultural produce export. In 1902 the Company changed focus and got recognized for its roll of importing agricultural machinery.

In later years the Company divided into 2 divisions namely (1) Silver & Glassware and (2) Agriculture Engineering. The agriculture division was solely operated as an Agriculture Machinery Importer and Distributor. As time went on, the Engineering Division split its focus from farming machinery and opened an Irrigation Engineering Division which is today’s core business.

In 1976 with the Companies centenary celebrations, the then Chairman

Mr W J Pretorius noted that the company withstood 2 world wars, several economical downturns and was still gaining in statue.

The basic principles of integrity, politeness, fair trading, concern of others wellbeing as described by the then founder Mr Arnold Wilhelm Spilhaus has been the backbone of the success of the Company.

From 1980 up till 2002 the Company was solely owned by WPK Agricultural Pty and focused on Irrigation & Industrial Pumping.



In 2002 the Company was taken over by a management buy-out and today solely focuses on Water Supply & Irrigation.

After the management buy-out a franchise concept was born and today the Company operates from 14 outlets country wide specializing in irrigation design & sales. It is the management goal to increase the outlets to 30 by end 2016.



In 2002 WM Spilhaus Boland Pty Ltd was established to secure a management buy out of the Bellville Branch of the Spilhaus group then owned by WPK (Kaap Agri). We are a privately owned company.

In 2004 we secured the rights to import Rain Bird Turf irrigation products. In 2005 we supplied the first Rain Bird turf site control system in South Africa. We have sold more since then.

Spilhaus Boland is owned by Keith Munro. 

Visit www.wmspilhaus.com

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WM Spilhaus Boland designs and supplies irrigation systems and supplies all associated equipment to the agricultural and commercial sectors. Please visit our website for further information.


Using latest technologies, WM Spilhaus Boland can survey, design and supply you with all your irrigation needs. We have access to a wide range of brands of irrigation equipment, and can tailor make a solution or design for you.


Spilhaus provides water supply and irrigation services with over 50 years of expertise in assisting with all water distribution and irrigation needs."


Please visit WM Splihaus Boland Projects to see some of our designs done.

Pipe Drip
Layflat Pipe
Perrot Pipe
PEX Pipe
PVC Pipe
Reinforced Hose
Rubber suction hose
Suction Pipe
Rainbird accesories
Rainbird controllers
Rainbird impact
Rainbird nozzles
Rainbird rotary nozzles
Rainbird rotor sprinklers


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