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We’re more than halfway through the year and although 2017 has been amazingly prosperous so far, it has not been without its challenges. I don’t know about you, but I certainly need a bit of motivation to get through the last cold weeks of winter. In this July/August 2017 edition of the AGRIFOODSA Magazine, we’ve come up with five simple suggestions that have invigorated our team with new enthusiasm to get through the cold and misty days, and hopefully they will also inspire you to grow your farm and business.

  1. Expect greatness.
    We always expect and strive for new heights which has resulted in us welcoming no less than [enter number here] new advertisers to join our list of the existing [enter number here] advertisers.
  2. Celebrate accomplishments, whether big or small.
    We’ve just awarded our 20th weekly prize winner on our AGRIFOODSA.INFO Facebook page. Be sure to have a look at our competitions, funnies, advertiser showcases, inspiring recipes and Boererate, as well as helpful and informative articles uploaded on a daily basis.
    Also, head over to our competitions page on the AFSA Website to win amazing prizes bi-monthly.
  3. Read and listen to helpful information.
    Visit the AFSA Website to search quickly and easily through thousands of listings ranging from crop protection to solar electricity; calf rearing to silo’s, and so much more. Don’t get left in the shadows. Visit AGRIFOODSA.INFO … just a click away!
  4. Be with positive people as often as possible.
    We’ve welcomed the bright and friendly new face of Julanda Woudberg to our office. Julanda will be the personal assistant to our CEO, Mabel, and we wish her many happy years with AGRIFOODSA.INFO.
  5. Have an attitude of gratitude.
    Nearly 4 weeks ago our beloved colleague and friend, Ronel, took a tumble off her scooter, but we are truly happy to have her back at the office. The healing process is slow, yet we are extremely grateful that it is in a steady state.

An infectious, positive attitude can shift your entire life. Infusing your mind with positive thoughts will cause you to produce more positive results in your life. Right now you’re getting as many opportunities as you think you can have. You’re making just the amount of money you really believe you can. To break into making what you’ve only dreamed of and wished for, you must start thinking, believing and speaking like you’re already worth that number!

I encourage you to join me in making more of an effort to purposefully infuse life with a positive perspective to keep up motivation and eliminate all negative sources of life.

Love and light,

Chantell Schmahl