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If it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas, that's because it is. What are your special Christmas moments, the ones that get your anticipation building for the big day? For me it’s favourite smells, tastes, sounds and personal traditions that make the celebrations special.

If you’ve ventured out, read a newspaper or switched on the television, you will know that there are some extraordinary special offers available to consumers, and with this November/December 2016 edition of the AGRIFOODSA Magazine our advertisers also have a lot to offer our valued readers.

And if you are someone who pretty much only buys from the same suppliers or uses the same service provider, then I encourage you to contact one of our many new advertisers to find out what they have to offer.  For your convenience, we’ve added a mechanisation category to our magazine for quick and easy browsing.

And so we proudly present the final AGRIFOODSA Magazine of the year, and the fourth in total. This is an occasion to celebrate the festive season and the great successes we’ve reached in 2016, but also an opportunity to thank our loyal readers and advertisers for their support, as well as an incentive to offer an even better product and service in 2017.

Sometimes we all need to step back from the frenzy and remember it is supposed to be festive. Christmas should be fun. I know some people think it's just for children, but it's also for adults to step off the hamster wheel and relish the life and people they work so hard for.  We wish you a wonderful happy holiday - whatever you’re celebrating, however you choose to make it your own, whether you sit back or kick up your heels.

Chantell Schmahl