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I can hardly believe that it’s time for the Nov/Dec 2017 edition of the AGRIFOODSA Magazine, but here we are and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love this time of year! Wait, before you turn the page in absolute disbelief of my presumed “forced happiness” about the “celebration of consumerism” “invented by the greeting card companies”, let me explain. The holiday season, as corny, excessive and predictable as it can be, is perhaps the only time of year where the majority of society come together on a few core principles:

Food. It’s that time of year to pull out the stretchy pants and indulge in everything yummy. Our AFSA Facebook page features weekly mouth-watering, proudly South African recipes; or view our AFSA Pinterest page for many more ideas on how to revive those taste buds.

Recuperation. I’m especially looking forward to this one. A few carefree and fun filled days of doing whatever you want is what makes this time of year especially wonderful. Send us an email to let us know how you’ll be spending your break and you could be featured on our social media pages.

Gift Giving. We love making people happy, so remember to check out and tell your friends about our Competitions page on the AFSA Website to stand a chance to win some festive prizes every other month (see pages 60-61 for more details), as well as the AFSA Facebook page where a voucher is up for grabs every week.

Family. At AGRIFOODSA many of us are actual blood relatives, but we are all a family. Without the perseverance and determination of our staff and service providers none of this would be possible.

It is with great sadness that we are however bidding farewell to our beloved and respected marketing manager and man about the office, Riaan Schmahl. We wish him unimaginable success in his new business venture and that all of his wildest dreams may come true.

Gratitude. We would like to thank all the wonderful advertisers, agencies and co-ops without whom we would not be able to live our dream, which is to connect people in the agricultural and food industries for a more productive future. Please support our 77 advertisers in this publication and thousands of advertisers on the AGRIFOODSA.INFO website.

Happy holidays and happy perusing.