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Read the latest edition of the AGRIFOODSA Magazine


It gives us great pleasure to present to you the June | July 2021 edition of the AGRIFOODSA Magazine.

In this 64-page edition, we offer more than 66 advertisers spanning 50 categories for your perusal.

Our cover featured advertiser for this edition is Reinke South Africa. Richard F. Reinke, founder of Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc., was a pioneer in the irrigation industry. Many of the innovations he conceived have become standards for the industry worldwide. Today, most mechanized irrigation systems incorporate many of the concepts, inventions and patents he introduced during his lifetime. So, the next time you see a centre pivot effortlessly moving around the field, you can thank Richard Reinke for that.

In this day and age, Reinke offers a selection of 5 different types of water pipes, along with several different span lengths and diameters for every custom water application condition. With years of experience working with alternative materials, they will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to ensure the best pipe material is selected to meet your irrigation needs. To find out more about their products and services, visit

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Lastly, we'd like to introduce to you the latest member of the AGRIFOODSA team, Ilse Potgieter, who will be the new point of contact for all account enquiries. Ilse has an impressive résumé, including many years of financial and administrative management, and we are confident that she will be a great asset to us. Welcome Ilse!